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Wrist supports

I was very thankfull for these..I have been suffering with bad pins and needles in my fingers..I have been woken at 3am ever morning not having feeling in three of my fingers and such pain..I slept last night all the way though so am very thankful..very pleased with my purchase ☺️ they are very comfortable to wear and give great support..fabric is soft and stretchy..and not expensive
Purchased: Hotcakes Advance Wrist Splint Pair
susannah green

March 12, 2022

Brilliant Product

Absolutely worth the price and brilliant product.
Purchased: Hotcakes Advance Wrist Splint Pair
aruna d.

April 24, 2020

Supports very well

Since I have tendonitis every few years because of work, I actually have splints from the medical hospice, they have 2 metal rods, cost 65€, and on prescription you still have to pay 25€..... Now I have these splints ordered, was skeptical at first because they only have a metal rod on the inside and are extremely cheap. Aaaaaber: the product is awesome, it supports better than the expensive splints, is much more stable, and also looks chic! So the best random purchase ever! And if your wrists are sensitive, you can also wear them for sports.
Purchased: Wrist Splint
Eva Koch

Feb 15, 2022

Perfect Size

Definitely the right size for my hand. Really helps relieve pain. Just that one seam popped while putting it on. Absolute fluke. I wont bother to return it as it was so cheap. Now that I know they actually work I will buy a more expensive on.
Purchase: HOTCAKES Copper Compression Gloves Therapy
Kindle Customer

May 09, 2021

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